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     PRIVATE 1:1 SESSION available online zoom platform or in person. EST standard.
Your wound is probably not your fault but your healing is your responsibility...

Learn to EASE your mind to wipe away your dis-EASE by becoming a self healer
We can show you how...

 Illness Interpretation:     Per ailment $25 with affirmation recommendation.

Why am I suffering? If you can hear the message from your body.
Health is the natural condition of mankind. Your body is programmed to restore, to go back to being whole again. Therefore the body communicates to you with pain or aches through vibrations. If you ignore, it can turn from inflammation to cyst, fibroids, tumor or cancer. Our childhood shapes every aspect of our health and behaviors; rewind and let's make it better.  You are receiving an emotional assessment of your physical symptoms.
This may give you a better understanding, where to look to start your self healing.

Email:  name of your condition, right or left side of the body, chronic or recent. 
The response will be email to you within 48 hours.

** These are general reading, please take only what resonates. Please see a doctor, if your condition is serious. This is only to supplement your professional treatment process.


THERAPEUTIC INTEGRAL SOUND HEALING      50 min ($60)/ 80 min ($90)

Integral sound healing is a popular modality in which sound vibration is used to balance and restore our body by harmonizing our nervous system to boost our immunity. The 80 minute session includes mindfulness guidance to get your tools ready to handle anything and everything in life. It's very empowering.
This is not a sound bath, it's a 1:1 personal session.

What to expect from a session:
. Initial interview
. Grounding/ set an intention
. Body and Mind Assessment
. Balancing with Sound
. Self care recommendation

In person or zoom session: Headset is recommended for online sessions

Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Life throws all kinds of curve balls, tell your story and let's find out what happened to you. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, validate how you feel and understand. Confidentiality is observed.

  What to expect from a session:                                                                             . Grounding
 . Initial interview
 . Set an intention
. Tools are explored to assist you
 , Recommendation

 zoom session: 25 min ($30)/50 min ($60)  


CRYSTAL REIKI CHAKRA BALANCE  50min/ ($60)  w/sound healing     80min/ ($90)
Everything is vibration. Even our vital signs are measured in sound waves. Crystals are an earth element that vibrates. When you tap into that vibration and activate, your chakras will balance, hence you may experience emotional well-being and alleviate tensions/aches/pains/stress. Practitioner will guide you to mend your mind, emotions and thoughts.

 What to expect from a session:
Please wear comfortable yoga clothes
. Initial Interview
. Crystal grid and set intention
. Aura Cleanse/Aromatherapy
. Chakra Assessment
. Universal Energy Balance
. Recommendation

Negative thoughts and feelings blocks yo


The prayer request will be honored between 9-11PM Est time. You don't need to confirm with us but we recommend to receive a permission from the recipient. We will light up the candle and ring the temple Balinese bell 3x to call upon the collective consciousness, their ancestors to honor your prayer request. The sacred prayer crystal grid will be emailed to you. *not required but welcome to join us at above time.

Provide us with:
full name of the recipient, province or state, photo is optional , a brief prayer request and a date for the prayer to be performed.  If you can, provide recipient's personality or their favorite activities such as cooking, dancing, singing, biking etc.

The prayer request can be: someone severely ill in the hospital, before the surgery, restoring relationship, big event such as wedding, birth, new job, an entrance examination, final test, travels or even a Birthday shout out. 
It is a lovely gesture to show your care and love.
Gratitude gift to: mom, teachers, mentors, doctors, friends and many more...

(1day) $11   ( 7 days)  $55    (14days)  $99    (30 days) $222




Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Healing Therapy

Pleasant Title

Image by Bucography
Image by Motoki Tonn

 Past Life Regression/ QHHT/BQH Hypnosis:  free consultation 

Our inner voice is our subconscious mind, Higher Mind that has access to all of your information from  the past experiences. In this deep relaxed state, we are able to come in contact with our Higher Mind to receive answers for healing in all levels. The driving force for those seeking insights ranges from difficult life circumstances, or health conditions such as chronic pain, depression, phobias, allergies to a big life questions like what is my purpose, why am I so unhappy?  Many answers will be given and if appropriate you may receive healing during a session.
Divine Source Energy is here to help anyone who desires it, Every session is unique, the most successful sessions are the one in which the client is able to let go of expectations and just allow the process to unfold. It is amazing how they bring about whatever you need to know... 

 .QHHT Sessions: Past life regression & ask specific questions ( 4-6 hrs.)            $ 333
. Past Life Regression: focus particular issue through past experience (2-3 hrs.)   $222
. Spiritual Regression: enters spirit realm, meet your loved ones ( 3-5 hrs.)           $399
. Return sessions to follow up or explore more  (1-2 hrs.)  *keyword clients only    $175 
. Group Past Life Regression:  minimum 4 or more party (1-2 hrs.)                          $44                 
    * must be 18 yrs or over.   For free consultation:

Girl with Red Hair

                                   Sound Bath Event
 Sound has an ancient kinship with meditation and healing.
Sound Bath which uses Tibetan Singing Bowls, Quartz Crystal Bowls and Chimes to guide the listener.
These practices highest themes of how the experience of sound manifests not only through hearing but through tactile physical vibrations and frequencies.  You can share these experiences live NOW!

 Great gift idea from cooperation to the employees, after work share the
experience whether you are teachers, nurses, care takers, Mother's Day gift,
Birthday party, a great way to gather and relax together as a family..) 

  Private Gather available in person, LIVE event like a concert.
 Contact us for the rate, date and time to reserve the sacred event!

* All Zoom sessions are Eastern Time, USA standard. 


All matter is vibrating; sickness and st
Truck Bed Guitar Session

Any items and all services listed on website are not intended to be substitutes for professional, medical or psychological attention. Please seek a professional health care specialist when needed. will not be held responsible for any decisions made, or any actions taken by any client and/or participant. The client and/or participant are solely responsible for any and all decisions and actions taken in his/her own life. 
Client and/or participants must be 18 years or older to book a session, unless the session is ordered by a parent. In this case, sessions will be provided to the parent first, who will then have to practice a level of discernment on whether or not they want to provide it to their child. 
In booking an appointment or purchasing items at I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all of the terms mentioned above.

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