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  Below classes and sessions are available on zoom platform so we can connect in a safest way!
    Listed session times are Eastern Time, USA Standard for those out of state or International members.

Guided Meditation and Sound Healing recorded audio
 Anxiety Release Guided Meditation/Sound Healing  $10
 Group Chakra Balancing Meditation/Sound Healing $10
 Open your Heart Guided Meditation/ Sound Healing  $10
 Group Yoga Nidra  and Sound Healing  $10
 Gratitude Family Meditation  $10

4 Week bundle/Gift card Classed 45 min only on Zoom
(a thoughtful gift idea for someone you care)
 Happiness is                                        $100
 Pretty in Pink Prenatal      $100
 Pain Management  $100
 Calm your Nerves   $100

Private Session in-person or Zoom
Comforting support: zoom session 25 ($30) /50 ($50)  ($10 per 10 min additional)
Comforting support in person: 50 min $50
Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing, 50 min session  $50
Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing and sound healing 80 min session $80
Integral Sound Healing  50 min session/80 min session  $50/$ 80
Transformation Energy Healing 50 min/ 4 wk bundle $190

Altered State Quantum Healing Hypnosis (3-5 hrs)  $222
Group Workshop: Detox Your Mind 4  hrs $200
Group Workshop: Chakra and Crystals 4  hrs  $200


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