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Why Self Heal with Integral Sound Vibration?

Anything and anyone can knock us down, but getting up is our CHOICE. 

There's a mystical system in our body that controls everything, it's called the nervous system. It has all the tools that it needs to calm during stressful event, you just need to learn and use the frequency of sound vibration to train your body to cooperate.

Science had been pointing wellbeing through vibration of the integral sound...

Everything in life is vibration."                              -Albert Einstein-

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of   energy, frequency and vibration."                   -Nikola Tesla-

"It's likely that only vibrations of love and gratitude appear in   nature, and observations of nature show this to be true."  -Dr. Masaru Emoto-

"There's no organ system in the body that is not affected by   sound, music and   vibration. You can look at disease as a form of   disharmony."       -M. Gaynor, MD-



Water Ripple

Why #1 fastest growing trend in Wellness?

 Here at Dahana Gachi Healing Center, we aim to deliver the latest scientific findings with ancient healing arts offering Sound and Mindfulness techniques to bring insights on thoughts, feelings and behaviors  so that we can claim our healing process and create the life we desire.

Modern science may finally catch up with ancient knowledge. Here is the latest MIT research on Dementia and Alzheimer's disease using sound and light therapy.

These are on-going research on light and sound therapy on brain:

In Alzheimer’s research, MIT scientists reveal brain rhythm in Gamma Brain wave and Alzheimer’s disease model mice to light flickering at the frequency of a key brain rhythm could stem the disorder’s pathology.

Mindful Practice
Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Image by Mitchell Griest

What if we are not suppose to suffer this bad?

Anything and anyone can knock us down, but getting up is our CHOICE. 
There is a mystical system in our body that controls everything, it's called nervous system. It perceives the world and tell you how to react to it through vibration. Your nervous system has all the tools that it needs to calm during stressful hours, you just need to know how to activate them.  Allow the sound to lift you out of your anxieties/struggles and bring you back to safety.

So, how to heal with sounds and mindfulness practice?

It is suggested through the principle of entrainment, where by a more powerful frequency causes weaker, distorted frequency to synchronize with it. Imagine an unstable new ice skater assisted by a professional skater gliding the slippery ice with elegance and grace. With specifically designed frequency of sounds, we can excite the membrane of a cell into a coherent geometrical patterns. Therefore, if we direct harmonious sound towards our body, we are able to reorganize our organs into their vibrant, healthy frequency to function it's full capacity.
Not only do we vibrate on a cellular level; our consciousness, our thoughts and emotions all have their own energetic blueprint that can benefit from sound vibration.

I am an Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner who have found Dahana Gachi self Healing Center.

We are not here to take away your pain and suffering, we are here to help you transform so your pain and suffering does not match your vibration. If your mind is on the 5th floor then what happens on the 3rd floor doesn't affect you much.




If you don't like Yourself, what do you do?

If you don't like your face or body, (outside self), you visit a plastic surgeon.  If you don't like the way you are, or you

don't like your life (inside self), visit your Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner who can help you with your self perception.

Research suggest that mindfulness helps us tune out distractions and improves our memory and attention skills. It also improves our ability to recall information. Helps regulate emotions. Those that practice mindfulness experience a decrease in emotional reactivity and an increase in cognitive focus. Through mindful living practices, we can find happiness, joy, & meaning in our lives. 

Combining it with Sound Therapy can really tune your whole nervous system and brain functions.

Learn to manage your life through controlling your thoughts and emotions.

Recorded Audio

What is pre-recorded Audio Session?

Due to Covid-19, we started to offer sessions via zoom, which allowed us to reach more clients all around the world. In order to heal, we need to re-train the discordant organ, cells and tissues to behave differently through our thoughts and sound. Reprogramming our DNA structures takes a lot of time in repetitions and we couldn't assist many clients virtually, so we have recorded our sessions for the client to listen at home to reinforce the new learning.

This reinforcement brought great results and now it is available to those who desperately in need of help but reluctant to try can now enjoy the benefit of healing results at home in the privacy of their home with affordable price.

Personal sessions can be expensive, at least try our Recorded Sessions:

Novice Healing Sessions:  to understand the basics of why we close our eyes, sit up straight and breathe deeply...
. Advanced Beginner Self Healer: aware of how energy works or have taken Mindfulness Workshop
. Focused Healer: For those who are diagnosed or have an area to focus the energy to recalibrate back to wellness.
. Competent Healer: For those who have overcome their obstacles and transformed. Be part of the Healing Circle to serve
. Become a Healer: Opportunity to become a Dahana Gachi's Sound Reiki Healer

We do advise, taking 1:1 zoom session or at least a group session to get your feet wet and familiarize yourself in healing journey. The recording will consist how to think better, so that our emotion wouldn't vibrate our nervous system. If you show up to help yourself to feel better for at least 30 days straight, then you are a self healer and you are welcome here.

Pre-recorded audio sessions can come in various lengths ranging from 30 minutes to one hour to multiple sessions bundled under one theme. These are recorded healing sessions,(not professional recordings) expect to hear occasional poor sound quality, disturbing outside noises but with affordable healing session, clients keep coming back for for more because these sessions produce results.

We are energy and our energy fluctuates with our emotions. Even with same recording, you will experience different outcomes each day. Be open minded, try it for 30 days, write a journal to record your experiences and know your effort will reflect the result. Allow your energy to match your desires. We can show you how...

If you have taken our workshop classes and know how to work your energy a bit, then try our Adv. Beginner Healing Sessions. 
If you have been diagnosed, have an ailment, venture into a Focused Healing Sessions.
If you consider yourself a competent self healer, consider joining our Healing Circle where we offer service to others.
If you want to become a practitioner to help others to self heal, let us know.

I hope you enjoy our Audio Sessions and Keep it as a tool. Healing never stops because we are always evolving.

Contraindications: If you have an epilepsy, a pace maker, have an active cancer or have had a major concussion in few months, Integral Sound Healing is not recommended for you.  See a full list of contraindications here.

 ** I am not a medical doctor, if you are diagnosed or receiving a treatment consult your physician.

This Integrative Sound Energy Healing is a very elegant way to support your wellness journey, a sonic supplement to nurture your nervous system. 

Frequent Qs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration for this transformation practice:

It all depends how deep your wounds are and how committed you are. Is your house (life)  built with straws or sticks?

Are you willing to rebuild your life, brick by brick to experience the safety, joy, love and happiness?

If I do an audio recorded session and I have a questions, what do I do?

Our audio recorded sessions are really designed to reinforce the energy. It is recommended to those who have had 1:1 session or had an workshop where familiar with how energy works. If you have general question, email us, we will do our best to answer via email or in a group session where you'll be invited. If it's personal question, you can email us, the fee is $11 per questions.

How much does it cost?

It all depends how deep your wounds are and how much you are willing to let go to claim your healing? How much does it cost to have a cosmetic surgery to have a new face or new body? How much does it cost to master your mind or how much do you think your peace of mind is worth to be free from your fear and suffering? This teaching will last you a life time, its not huff and puff, it's working with the sacred heart as a guide. 

What is the success outcome?

Your success matches your commitment and your belief that you can be healed. If you believe 70%, then it will match what you believe. Health is wholeness and wholeness is 100% natural state of being. You are not buying a car; you are entering a space where luck, opportunities, and synchronicities are. If you want a miracle, you have to be miraculous. How much are you ready to close your eyes to enter the space of love?

A teacher cannot take the test for their students. The work is yours hence called self-healing. You are the solution.

I am your temporary guide until you are able to hear your own guidance or messages during your meditation practices.

What should I expect from self healing session?

1. Stop the bleeding first, align with the pain.

2. Learn how energy, frequency and vibration works.

3. Clean out the memory closet; release

4. Discover who you really are.

5. Create, manifest the life you want.

How do I prepare for the best outcome?

1. Get a headset to engage with the sound frequency.

2. Be still and listen to your body.

3. Temporarily disengage with your responsibilities and burdens. Practice just being yourself.

4. Have a healing journal to record your findings and messages.

5. Practice surrendering your troubles, enter the dream state to heal.

6. Prepare to sound your voice. Your body needs to hear the voice of the master.

What is sacred heart space?
You are working with your heart space. You can't lie to heart, it just knows all about you, because it houses your soul. Therefore, you have to be honest with yourself and be true to who you are. Your heart does not judge therefore you are always safe.

What if I don't know how to be sacred or spiritual?
You soul is in your heart, your spirit is in your nervous system, we all have them, you are just not aware of it. Once you learn to quiet your mind to listen then your heart will guide in the right direction. Until you are able to hear your inner guidance, you'll practice and learn from the facilitators.

​ Other gifts from the Earth you may work with in journey of Mindfulness Practice and Sound Healing:

. Essential Oil

. Crystal Reiki

. Listen to the Messages from your Emotional Body

. Experience altered state of consciousness through Hypnosis, if your suffering comes from the past, karma:

 Past Life Regression (BQH, QHHT and SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS, meet your loved ones there).

** I am not a medical doctor, if you are diagnosed or receiving a treatment consult your physician.

This Integrative Energy Healing is a very elegant way to support your wellness journey, a sonic vitamin supplement if you will. May you be healthy and peaceful in many ways...      -Namaste-

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