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Group Workshop:Detox your Mind

Yoga Man Namaste
Yoga Man Meditation
Healthy at any age

This workshop will cover:

- Who we are

- Mind: emotions and thoughts

- Interactive: how to handle situations

- Questions, letting go ceremony (Pls wear white color shirt/sweater)


Are you short tempered? Things don't work out for you or people around you annoys you a lot?

How about you received an energy clearing, how do you maintain it if you go back to same old pattern?

Most of our problems comes from the lack. Lack of time, financial, health or relationship issues. We either have one or two problems or when we are unlucky, we have all the issues to deal with. However not all problems comes from the lack. There are times, just like celebrities, despite having it all; the time, money, looks and lover(s), we still can't help feeling dysfunctional, not happy, not in peace or even feel so lost. Why?

This work shop will help you discover what thought patterns (belief system) that governs how you feel and correct your vision in life so that we can break the chain of pain. This workshop will empower you to experience the gift of self-care and once and for all take back your power.

This can be done, if you are willing to learn to see things differently. 

Sat workshop  9-12 PM .......................................... $200 Venmo, cash (preferred), credit card 


Group workshop:What Are Crystals and Chakras?

Natural Medicine
All matter is vibrating; sickness and st
Negative thoughts and feelings blocks yo

This workshop is designed to help wandering minds who want to change their life style to take matters into their own hands from "disease care" to a healthcare. Merriam-Webster define a word  Health as the condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit. We will focus on all three to bring health into your life.  Healthcare is self caring, self involvement in your own health everyday to prevent the future disease, hence the word "health" has the word "heal" in it.  Do you want to incur illness and work on repairing to bring back your health or involve in wellness everyday to prevent a major disaster?

So we have created this unique show and tell workshop to bring out the  future self healers in you.

We will have fun covering the breath work;  energy work;  chakras work;  crystals work; sound works; and learn homeopathy and mindful eating.

A powerful tool to transform your life to align body, mind and soul!! The choice is always your's.

Sunday workshop 9-12 PM ...................................................................$200 Venmo,cash & credit cards



Any and all services listed on website are not intended to be substitutes for professional, medical or psychological attention. Please seek a professional health care specialist when needed. will not be held responsible for any decisions made, or any actions taken by any client and/or participant. The client and/or participant are solely responsible for any and all decisions and actions taken in his/her own life.

Client and/or participants must be 18 years or older to book a session, unless the session is ordered by a parent. In this case, sessions will be provided to the parent first, who will then have to practice a level of discernment on whether or not they want to provide it to their child. In booking an appointment at, I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all of the terms mentioned above.

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