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HOW GUIDES HEAL AND HELP US: Communicators and Watchers

1. Move away from your chaotic circumstances

2. to hear the guidance

3. Expand your inner consciousness to engage in the central thoughts, this is how spirits guides us

4. You must reach beyond your troubles to vibrate peace

5. The energy of directed thought must over-ride the rattled emotions

6. Guides whispers in our ears, the slip stream of thought between the turbulent thoughts in distress.

**Just for a while, we will assist you to experience peace and calmness through hypnosis, so that you are elevated to a higher vibration to receive your healing and guidance from your team of cosmic support.

We show you the way, we know the way, we are the way...


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What to Expect from Your Spiritual Hypnosis Session: 


1. Your first Spiritual Hypnosis session will include a short interview. You will provide current life information about your experiences and your goals for the session will be discussed while looking through your questions.

2. Water alchemy and setting an intention for the session.

3. You will be asked to lie down and you'll be guided into a deep relaxation, where you can experience your past lives. 

4. After the past regression, you will be guided to the magical spiritual realm where you can experience your spirit guides, spirit animals as well as your ancestors, loved ones and your soul family. If appropriate, they may take you into a  healing chamber and finally you'll get to ask your higher self many questions and healings.

5. This session will be digitally recorded and provided to you via email within 48 hours. It is recommended you listen to your recording several times, to receive the full understanding and  benefits to your current life situations.

6. All sessions are confidential and last about 4-6  hours or more.

 ** Spiritual Hypnosis are offered zoom online or in-person***

What's the Investment?

$399 - First Time Spiritual Hypnosis Session (4-6 hours or more with intake)
$222 Established Clients 1.5-3 hrs.

**$100 Non-refundable deposit is required to book a date.


"I am so grateful to Madison for offering this special service. My body needed some TLC. It was so empowering to connect with my higher self and past lives as well.  It validated to me that we are all such divine beings and although this present life may seem challenging at times, knowing it is just a short lesson in our total existence helped me appreciate my life in a more positive way. This session put my mind into a better perspective and took the edge off the stress I feel in my life."

- Jennifer -

“Thank you Madison for an amazing journey. I didn't realize my higher self was so calm, unlike myself. Seeing my spirit guides and spirit animal and experiencing their love and guidance was so cool."

- Nicky -

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