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  Our mission is to offer a professional emotional assessment, self treatment opportunities as well as 1:1 premium services in a heart based setting. Our attentive services deliver quality, nurturing experience focused on reduction of distress and improved quality of life.


Meditation Class
Negative thoughts and feelings blocks yo

 The #1 rising wellness trend, Therapeutic Sound Healing

Here at Dahana Gachi Healing Center, we aim to deliver the latest scientific findings with ancient healing arts offering Sound and Mindfulness healing techniques to bring insights on thoughts, feelings and behaviors, so that they can claim their healing process and create the life they desire.

Modern science may finally catch up with the ancient knowledge. Here is the latest MIT research on Alzheimer's disease using Sound and Light Therapy.

You may explore philosophy, psychology and quantum physics through:

. Pre-recorded sessions on Meditation and Therapeutic Sound Vibration Frequency
. 1:1 Mindfulness and Sound Healing
. Crystal Reiki and Distant Reiki 
. Spiritual Hypnosis
. Group Zoom Healing Sessions and Workshops

 Let's practice Peace and Harmony to boost your Immunity, Health and Life. 

Let's download, sign up for the audio recordings, workshops, classes and connect worldwide! 
                   *All session times are Eastern time, USA standard.

During challenging times, try free
Guided meditation & Sound Healing  

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"I am so excited, my Dr. said we can revisit our surgery option till next year. My thyroid that's been growing steadily have stopped growing since I started sound healing with Dahana. I am so grateful for you, always keep Tuesdays open for me." -Sue C. from Hawaii-


"Even long after the sound healing session, I still feel very at peace and relaxed. I spent time reading on the couch drinking tea with my dog. I hadn't felt this peaceful in a very long time. Thank you!       -Sonia K. from Georgia -

"Thank you again for all your time and help. I truly appreciate it. The mindfulness techniques helped me develop success plan towards managing, and eventually overcoming my OCD. I will definitely make use of the personal guided meditation and record my findings for the following month.” 

 -Michael K.-

"I have experienced amazing energy clearings and healings during my sound healing sessions. I felt a very strong beautiful loving energy came through my crown and ran all the way down through my whole body and released out through my leg and right foot, my problem area. If you have been thinking of trying sound healing modality, I highly recommend it, I've been coming to her for many months. She's exceptional."      -Amy H. from Chicago-

"The audio guided meditation and sound healing is amazing. Actually, I believe I am experiencing a deeper healing simply because I get to hear my name spoken while listening to the personalized guided/sound meditation. It takes me to another level, designed specifically to what I need, right now in my healing journey. I also love the freedom of choosing when to listen, I don't have to commute, and it's been repeated often enough to reach the deep subconscious mind to help me transform. Thank you so much, Dahana"      -Amy H.-

private session

Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility.

audio guided meditation/sound healing recordings  

Words/Sounds can bring balance, relaxation and healing to your body.

4 consecutive bundle/gift classes

Train your mind by creating a new habit of thinking.


Gifts from Mother Earth to help us in our life's journey.

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